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Southern Utah Girls in Technology (SUGIT)





2024 Southern Utah Aspirations Award Ceremony(via Zoom)

Save the Date March 9th. Everyone is Invited!

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NCWIT Aspirations in Computing

The NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) High School Award celebrates the computing talents of female, genderqueer, and non-binary students in grades 9-12. It inspires them to pursue their interests in technology. The award has recognized over 25,000 students since 2007. Applicants are evaluated on their computing skills, activities, leadership, perseverance, and future ambitions. The Southern Utah Aspirations in Computing (SUAIC) program is an extension of AiC. It focuses on more than 20 counties in Southern Utah and Nevada, with the aim of raising awareness about computing and supporting young women interested in computing careers, particularly in rural and remote areas.


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Dr. Kesar contributed to a Microsoft research collaboration in closing the gender gap in STEM and CS.

Click on the above image to read the full report. 


Parker Hannifin was awarded the "CSIS outstanding student" for the graduating class of 2021. Parker received this as an Information Systems student at SUU while working as a senior ambassador for the OutreachMAD projects. He then completed his MS in cybersecurity and now works as a GRC Analyst.

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Dr.Kesar contributed to a Microsoft research report where a quantitative survey of 6,009 girls and young women from ages 10-30 examines attitudes towards STEM, schools was conducted.

Click on the above image to read the full report.

Click on the above video to learn more about our 2021 outreachMAD projects. 

Dr. Kesar recipient of 2021 "30 Women to Watch" in Utah

Click on the above video to watch  

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