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SUGIT 2020 Going Digital! 

SUGIT 2020 was not limited to Southern Utah. 

Series of workshops were released on Google Classroom.

Freaky Friday Workshops on May 15, May 22, May 29, June 5, & June 12.

Everyone worked their own pace from May 15 and onward.

SUGIT 2020 Workshops

Workshop 1: ASPIRATIONS APPLICATION – Be ahead of the game by preparing yourself for the aspirations online competition. This workshop will go through the questions, process of the online competition, and tips on how to become a regional and national winner.

Workshop 3: BINARY BRACELETS - How cool! Make personalized bracelets and learn how to communicate with 0s and 1s! This workshop will go through the steps of learning binary code.

Workshop 5: DIGITAL STORYTELLER Bring your story to a small screen. This workshop will go through how to create your story using Scratch.

Workshop 7: IT FUNDAMENTAL CERTIFICATION - TestOut - Have fun with technology and get a certification. This workshop is providing you an opportunity to get a certification in IT Fundamentals.

Workshop 9: CYBER SECURITY Best Practices for Google Search - Surfing the net. This workshop provides the best practices when using the Google search engine.

Workshop 11: HTML & JAVA - It is more than Java coffee. This workshop provides a curriculum for HTML and Java.

Workshop 13: CYBER SECURITY - SMART PHONES - It is all about the phones. This workshop will provide some cybersecurity hygiene when using your smart phones.

Workshop 15: APP INVENTOR - Be an inventor! This workshop shows you how to create your own game for Android devices.

Workshop 17: CYBER SECURITY- BE SAFE! - Are you practicing social distancing with the Internet? This workshop gives you some guidelines and safe practices, whether for homework, Netflix parties, or Zoom.

Workshop 2: CYBER SECURITY WEBSITESIs it fake or is it real!? Learn how to be smart and check the difference between a fake and real website.

Workshop 4: CRYPTOGRAPHY -Solving cybersecurity threats with a piece of paper. This workshop will cover the concepts of basic cryptography.

Workshop 6: PHISHING - It is a different kind of Phishing. This workshop will go through the concept of social engineering and Phishing with a demo.

Workshop 8: LEARNING LINUX - Who does not like open source? This workshop is working with computers in a Linux environment.

Workshop 10: MATH & TECH - Be creative with math. This workshop combines technology with other STEM fields.

Workshop 12: SPRITE LAB - Character building is important! This workshop will help you create your own character sprite using block coding.

Workshop 14: GAME LAB - Create your own game! This workshop shows you how to create your own game in a programming environment.

Workshop 16: 508 COMPLIANT - It is a jungle out there! This workshop shows you how technology and 508 compliant regulations work with the Forest Service.

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