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Southern Utah NCWIT Aspirations

Congratulations to All the Recipients for

Southern Utah Aspirations 2024

The NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) High School Award celebrates the computing talents of female, genderqueer, and non-binary students in grades 9-12. It inspires them to pursue their interests in technology. The award has recognized over 25,000 students since 2007. Applicants are evaluated on their computing skills, activities, leadership, perseverance, and future ambitions. The Southern Utah Aspirations in Computing (SUAIC) program is an extension of AiC. It focuses on more than 20 counties in Southern Utah and Nevada, intending to raise awareness about computing and support young women interested in computing careers, particularly in rural and remote areas.

SUAIC is growing as an outreach program! It targets high school girls across Southern Utah. some of the counties include Beaver, Carbon, Garfield, Grand, Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Piute, San Juan, Sanpete, Sevier, Washington, Wayne, and Emery. Read More


Reasons to be a Part of SUAIC


1) Scholarship opportunities–Internships. Another big perk to being a part of this community is to learn about the scholarship opportunities .. number of amazing professionals involved in the event is a springboard for opportunities…By being selected as a winner or runner-up for one of these awards, you are allowed to apply for up to three different internships offered by several companies. These internships take place over the summer and are a great way to get experience, as well as learn what the real workplace is like. 

2) Recognition. Everyone in this ceremony has accomplished amazing things –All high school women & educators will receive certificates …winners receive NCWIT 2 plagues- one for them & one for their school. At this ceremony, you get recognized for the cool and unique things you’ve done. You get featured on the SUAIC website/ news-press/ recognized by your school, etc.


3) Networking & Sharing Ideas for Projects. In your application, you get a chance to share your ideas & what you have accomplished (e.g. programming camps, others have done past internships with technological companies, and more….. Share your idea with SUU faculty & community …with other aspiring women … Just being at the awards ceremony and talking with some of the other girls there is bound to be a good experience. On top of that, you might become great friends with someone you met at the Award for Aspirations in Computing ceremony. 


4) Inspiration to pursue your dreams. Everyone in this community has done such amazing things – that includes you! Our stories show the different struggles we’ve had to face and no one has had the same experiences. Learn from everyone’s stories, get new ideas, find new avenues to pursue, and face your dreams with a new determination!


5) Typically a banquet lunch & Award ceremony is held in March or April. Our signature is all the young aspiring women along with parents, high school educators & SUU community are invited to come together to celebrate at the event…there will be free lunch, “sit with me”, pictures, prizes, & you get to dress up!


6) Swag. All get cool swag from SUU. The winner & runner-up also receive Swags from NCWIT sponsors (e.g. Apple, AWS, Bank of America, Google, Facebook, AT&T, Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson, Microsoft, and many more).

Click here to learn more about NCWIT. Click here to learn more about NCWIT Aspirations.

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