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OutreachMAD Projects

Our outreach projects aim to increase the amount of women in STEM and computing with the main audience being the Southern Utah region. Dr. Kesar and her team aim to provide a plethora of platforms and resources to increase Motivation, Awareness, and Diversity (MAD).  The young women will receive benefits through school visits, mentoring programs, visibility for technical achievements, and outreach programs in local communities. The outreach projects are supported by technical local businesses and Southern Utah University members.

Our Main Projects

CSCY 1100
  • 1 College Credit Class
  • Free for High School Girls
  • 100% Online Class
  • Participate and Engage in Computing Projects
  • Learn about careers in Computing
  • Repeatable up to 3 Credits​

Southern Utah Aspirations in Computing (SUAIC)

  • Opportunities in both education & career in the computing area 

  • Exclusive access to scholarships, internships, and professional work.

  • Various mentorship & guidance to high school girls when applying for the Aspirations online competition

  • Network opportunities that will allow young women to strengthen their leadership, technical, and entrepreneurial skills, further preparing and motivating them to participate in the computing workforce.

Coming Soon!
(Opportunities for High School Girls 9-12)

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