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Our Previous Workshops

Workshop 1: Electronics Circuits: Snap! 

Join, learn & have fun with the CEO of the Cyber-Security business. Their team will use snap circuits to create sounds, energize motors, and much more. Enjoy working with your peers and have an opportunity to win a prize for creating circuits in a friendly competition!

Workshop 2: Paper Circuit: Christmas in May! 
Join, learn, & have fun with local technology experts to put together a Christmas tree and ornaments with Circuit kits. Have fun lighting up the room with a paper circuit (a functioning electronic circuit built on a paper surface instead of a PCB). Create a circuit that combines aesthetics and functionality...take it home to add to your Christmas decoration!


Workshop 3: Cybersecurity Practices: Safety First! 

Join, learn, & have fun with understanding how and why it is important to use strong passwords in your emails. Learn about other safe practices while using the Internet. Learn about Phishing, Public WIFI and other tools you need to know to mitigate and manage unauthorized access like hacking can breach your confidential and sensitive information! 

Workshop 4: Robots: Here Come the OzBots Squad!

Join, learn & have fun with small bots in creating technology paths for them to follow. With your teams, use markers and paper, color codes to learn basic coding concepts like cause/effect and debugging. Develop new tricks & big ideas with the small bots! Cool swag and prizes!

Workshop 5:  MicroBits: Big Ideas!
Join, learn, and have fun with how software and hardware interact using the Microbits. Engage in learning how to program devices to display animations, build interactive projects, and send messages to your friends over radio frequencies. Cool swag & prizes!

Workshop 6: Digital Citizen: Empowering Citizens!
Join, learn, & have fun with in an inclusive & innovative environment with peers to become digital citizen who confidently and positively engage with digital technologies. It promotes a positive message of social good through the use of social media and technology. Using the Global Goals, students will become empowered digital citizens who solve problems and create solutions in local, global and digital communities. Cool swag & prizes! 

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