Program Lead

Dr. Shalini Kesar  

Program Lead: Outreach Projects (SUAIC & SUGIT) 

Associate Professor of Information Systems,

CSIS Dept, 

College of Science & Engineering,

Southern Utah University (SUU)

Outreachmad Ambassadors

Emily Schern - SUU Student (Computer Science)

Parker Hannifin - SUU Student (Information Systems)

Rylan Wallace - SUU Student (Information Systems)

Community Volunteers

Aubrey Barnett - Test Out Corp

James Bore - Bores Consultancy Ltd

Angela Dayton - Founder of MedForums

Alexa Fleur - Design Thinking Facilitator

Travis Floyd - Iron County School District (ICSD)

Thomas Grant - SUU Student (Information Systems)

Frank Hall - Dean of COSE at Southern Utah University

Shivani Kesar - PE, PMP

Jessica Lumen - Founder of Spartan Workshops LLC

Troy Lunt - Iron County School District (ICSD)

Mark Mumford - Iron County School District (ICSD)

Lemi - Ola Erinkitola - Critical Thinking Child LLC

Jim Pollard - SUU Research Fellow (Forest Service)

Scott Schwab - Director of Success in Education

Joyce the Voice - Cybersecurity Graduate Student

Spencer Wall - Cybersecurity Graduate of SUU

Becky Wanta - CEO & President at AlertNest, Inc

Role Models

Abby Allen - SUU - SUAIC Aspirations Winner

Anushka Dania -  Lake Travis High School- Texas Aspirations Winner

Megha Dania - Lake Travis High School- Texas Aspirations Winner

Neha Dania - Lake Travis High School- Texas Aspirations Winner

Izzy Eastep - Cedar High School - Robotics Winner

Aubree Miller - Desert Hills High School - SUAIC Aspirations Winner

Sponsors/ Organizations


Bores Consultancy


Spartan Workshops

Success in Education

Test Out Corp

The Critical Thinking Child


Iron County School District Grant


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