Current Ambassadors

Rylan Wallace
Parker Hannifin
Landry Benimana

Emily S
Kacie Cox

Bredecca Anthony

Landry Benimana - Intern

I've been in the program since May 2021. I've had chances to participate in some of the greatest projects like SUGIT where I had the opportunity to hear some of the great stories of women in the tech industry. 

Computer Science/ back-end maintenance 

Parker Hannifin - Senior Ambassador

Parker is an undergraduate student in information systems with networking emphasis. He has been a paid intern through ICSD grant for women in tech projects. Under Dr.  Kesar’s mentorship, Parker’s leadership skills and passion to reduce the gender gap in technology has helped by: educating high school students about the various opportunities in technology; participating in the production of outreach projects such as SUAIC and SUGIT;  and supporting in other innovative outreach projects/workshops (particularly as part of COVID-19 response). His expertise is in information systems, marketing, social media, analytics, website development ….

Connect with Parker

Bredicca Anthony  - Ambassador